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Lucknow Remix Chinese The Irresistible World of Chinese Food

The Irresistible World of Chinese Food

Chinese Food


Welcome to a realm where flavors dance on your tongue and each taste reveals a culinary secret passed down through the ages. Discover the fascinating world of Chinese food at Lucknow Remix—a symphony of flavours, textures, and scents that has enthralled foodies all around the world


A Multicolored Tapestry of Local Gems:

Chinese food is a colourful tapestry with many regional flavours, each with its distinctive cooking customs. Our menu at Lucknow Remix takes you on a gastronomic tour across the provinces, showcasing the depth and diversity of Chinese culinary heritage with dishes ranging from the fiery spices of Sichuan to the delicate tastes of Cantonese cuisine. Delectable Dim Sum Delights:

Start preparing with our mouthwatering selection of dim food. Savour the inventiveness of our skilled chefs as they craft these tiny parcels of happiness. With offerings like steaming baskets of delicate dumplings and crispy spring rolls brimming with flavour, our dim sum menu emphasizes both texture and taste.


Savour the Unique Flavors of Chinese Food:

Savour the unique flavours that set Chinese cuisine apart. Whether you’re wanting the umami richness of Peking duck, the cosy warmth of hot and sour soup, or the sweet and sticky perfection of General Tso’s chicken, our menu has an abundance of delicious alternatives to satisfy every taste.


The Magic of Wok-Hei:

Watch our experts masterfully stir-fry items to perfection and discover the beauty of the wok. Our dishes are given that illusive “wok hei,” or breath of the wok—a smoky, charred essence that takes the flavours to new heights—by the effort. Our menu features dishes like colourful stir-fried veggies and wok-tossed noodles that highlight the culinary beauty of this age-old method.


A Concerto for Sweet Conclusions:

A dessert does not complete a meal. Satisfy your sweet palate with our delicious Chinese pastries. Our sweets are a pleasant way to end your culinary adventure, from the crispy, golden perfection of sesame balls to the velvety smoothness of almond tofu.


Culture of Tea:

Take in all that the rich culture of Chinese tea has to offer. Our range of premium teas, which includes powerful oolong and fragrant jasmine, goes well with your meal and provides a little peace of mind while you savour your culinary journey.


Timeless Flavors with Modern Elegance:

At Lucknow Remix, we expertly combine classic Chinese flavours with contemporary elegance. For those looking for a true dining experience, our restaurant is a sanctuary where every element, including the presentation of the food and the décor, embodies our commitment to fine dining.


Come See Us and Let Your Senses Run Wild:

Come along to Lucknow Remix as we take you on a culinary adventure. We welcome you to a world of flavours that will permanently alter your taste buds, whether you are an experienced Chinese cuisine aficionado or a novice keen to explore. Come experience the tantalizing appeal of Chinese cuisine with us.


At Lucknow Remix, where every meal is a celebration of culinary talent and every dish is a masterpiece, you may experience the essence of China. We are excited to share the wonders of Chinese food with you and serve you. Salutations!


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